Iran and the Bomb: the Endgame

the new york review of books, february 5, 2015

In the New York Review of Books, I show how one solution to the nuclear impasse may be no solution at all. 

Nuclear talks: Why Tehran must be brought in from the cold


My opinion piece argues for the West to modify its hostility towards Iran in the interests of the whole of the Middle East. 

A Ding-Dong in Foreign Affairs with Ray Takeyh

Foreign Affairs, September/October 2014

Ray Takeyh thinks the coup of 1953 wasn't a coup.  

Iran: a New Deal?

New York Review of Books. April 24, 2014

Reportage from Tehran on the Diplomatic Prospects. Four years after the elimination of Iran’s reformists, a deal to end Iran's isolation is on the cards, as I discovered in Tehran. 

A Bride for a Jackass

London Review of Books, March 25, 2010

A reissue of Vita Sackville-West’s Twelve Days in Persia prompts a reappraisal of her winsome travelogue.

Farideh’s Garden: A Tale of horticulture in Tehran

Journal of the Iran Society, vol 2, no. 8

In the summer of 2006 I found myself engaged as a gardener for Farideh Rahnama, the idiosyncratic owner of one of Tehran’s last private mansions. 

The Persian Difference


The New York Review of Books. December 15, 2005. 

My review of a historic exhibition of Iranian art at the British Museum.  

The Martyrdom of Hossein Kharrazi

London Review of Books. January 2, 2003. 

A rare look at the effects of the Iran-Iraq war on the Iranian psyche. 

The central Iranian town of Isfahan gave tens of thousands of martyrs in the Iran-Iraq war of 1980-88. For this piece I tracked down veterans and their families. 

Who Rules Iran

New York Review of Books, June 27, 2002.

I spent part of 2002 in Qom, nerve centre of Iran’s revolutionary state.