The River

New York Review of books, October 10, 2019

India’s greatest river tells a tale about people and resources

What Only Soldiers Understand

New York Review Blog, August, 21, 2014

Sebastian Junger's compelling film Korengal is about male friendship as much as it is about war.

Cockfighting in the ruins of Kabul

Harper's Magazine. December 2012. 

An animal kind of war in Afghanistan

Afghan Treasures

The New York Review of Books, June 9, 2011

A magnificent exhibition in London shows the culture of Afghanistan


London Review of Books, October 2010

Akram Osman, the Dickens of Kabul

The Lost City

The New Yorker, January 21, 2002 

The liberation of Herat, in the company of the Northern Alliance

The Perils of Pakistan

The New York Review of Books, November 15, 2001

In the aftermath of 9/11 Pakistan was a country on the brink.


Bombay at War

The New York Review of Books, April 22, 1999

Reportage in the former pluralist city of Bombay, recently transformed into a Hindu shrine.